35th Foundation Day of NARNIX TECHNOLABS…

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After 34 years of “Interfacing the Technology” with the “Super Industrial Society”, we rededicate ourselves with the theme –

“designing with secure n sustainable dna”

Thirty-eight years back when I chose design as my profession, and later in 1981, when I started my design and technology consultancy (Narnix Technolabs), instead of an industrial or commercial enterprise, the real driver was – my passion for new technologies and design.

I wanted to always stay on the forefront of technologies and a few steps ahead of the market. 
I have never regretted that decision, and no professional or financial hardship has ever been able to deter me from this very exciting, though tough, career in design and technology.

Take great pride in being able to sustain thru the changing ethos of Indian society, education and engineering community with my perseverance and faith in the values of unstilted commitment to the chosen field and building hardcore “competence to innovate”.

Proud to be one of the pioneer Independent Design House in INDIA… 

Take further pride in having mentored and groomed more than 200 research & design mentees in last 25 years, some of whom are the Shining Stars of Indian & Global ESDM (Electronics Design & Manufacturing Ecosystem), building NARNIX’s & India’s Brand Equity in Design Competence.

Happy to observe the recent changes in Indian Engineers, who are starting to re-discover their “competence to innovate”. However, comprehensive system & product design capabilities need yet to be developed, if we truly wish to see India leading in the field of Technology.

Unique design Strengths of narnix are:

  • Hardware Critical Embedded Designs
  • Mixed Signal Designs
  • Power n Energy Efficient Designs
  • MEMS Sensors based Designs
  • Communication Stacks n Libraries for Embedded Designs
  • Solution Design Architectures
  • Homogenous Solutions Design for Heterogeneous environment
  • System oriented Approach based Architecture for Product Design

In the fields of High Frequency Power, Industrial, Smart Metering, Smart Lighting, Smart Building, IoT (Internet of Things), Smart Infrastructure, Telecom, Convergence Defence, Medical, Environment, Energy & Consumer Electronics.

Current focus of narnix is:

  • To design the “most versatile” products, systems & solutions in the fields of Smart Grid, Smart metering, Smart Lighting, Energy efficiency, Renewable energies, Smart Home, Smart Building, Smart City, Convergence, Internet of Things etc.; and enable seamless integration & blend of various layers of “convergence networks” from consumer layer to service provider layer and even City-wide & Nation wide infrastructure Layer.
  • Design, develop n deploy products that contribute in INDIA being recognized as a hub for International level design n manufacturing activities.
  • To be able to play a major role in defining Technological Trends in deployment of latest innovations in different aspects of society, business n industry.

A glimpse into the current activities at narnix:

  •  Developing a comprehensive Energy Efficiency/Carbon Footprint Monitoring framework for Nationwide Building Energy Management Systems & Streetlight Management System in a unified & scalable Architecture for Measurement & Verification Framework.
  • Developing 6LoWPAN based DLMS Server & Client stacks for Smart Metering Eco-system in India and other countries.
  • Developing unified last mile communication Stack for Smart Homes, Smart Buildings, Smart Grids and Smart Cities Applications.
  • Developing a Framework for “Unified & Secure Communication Architecture, Protocols & Interfaces for Smart & Green Community” to be followed by a Unified Stack for all kind of Network Nodes at every layer in any Network.
  • Developing a Comprehensive Cyber Security Framework & Architecture for the “Critical Information & Communication Infrastructure” in India.
  • Developing a reference design platform for a Gateway/DCU based on OneM2M Framework and homegrown ‘Unified & secure Last Mile Communication’ Architecture
  • Developing a reference design platform for Autonomous Vehicles, Robots and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.
  • Developing a Smart Watch based reference platform for Non Invasive Study of different analytical parameters related to human body to enable Diagnosis of various physiological ailments & monitoring of vital human body parameters. 

Come connect, collaborate n create with narnix…

Let us Innovate & Design to enable


& thus


“design is our religion n we are fanatically religious”

narnix technolabs pvt. ltd.