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narnix: the design projects

At narnix, we are not limited to any one or two fields within electronics, rather, we have the capability to undertake design assignments in any field of electronics, be it consumer, industrial, defense, power, digital, embedded systems, telecommunication, process control, motion control, artificial intelligence, robotics, office & industrial automation systems.

FTTH (Fiber To The Home) based Neutral Multi Service Access Networks developed on the concept of a common shared In-Building Infrastructure for delivery of Next Generation Services like High Speed Internet, Video Surveillance, IPTV and various Home Automation Technologies as well as delivery of basic/ legacy services from telecom operators on a common platform.
Composite Video to IP Video Stream Converter Module (H.264) on Freescale I. MX 27 Processor
Residential Gateway for Triple Play (Voice, Video & Data) with multiple WAN interfaces viz.: Gigabit Ethernet, GPON, WiMax, 3G etc on Freescale Power PC Processor.
Zigbee and IP enabled Home Automation Gateway on Freescale Coldfire Processor.
Embedded Web server cum data concentrator for Pre Paid Energy Metering System.
Battery (Cell) Monitoring System (for Telecom & Railway Power Plants).
Navigation Light with Remote control for Marine Applications.
Redundant High Freq. Sine Wave Inverter for Railway & Telecom Applications.
Single Phase & Three Phase Standard as well as Multifunction AMR Ready Static Energy (Electricity) Meters.
Domestic & Commercial Air conditioners’ Software Designs.
Remote Control for Aircon application.
HVAC Plant monitoring & control system.
Laser Angle Detection System (for Artillery Surveillance & Defense Application).
CCTV Monitor with Integrated 4 channel Observation System with 2 ways Audio.
100 KHz & 132 KHz SMPS, SMPS Chargers, DC to DC Converters.
SMPS for Computer Monitors.
Diesel engine monitoring system.
On Line UPS monitoring & control system with communication & control interface for standalone PC (Serial: RS232) as well as large networks (using Ethernet Interface & SNMP protocol).
Triple Conversion True High Frequency ‘On Line UPS’ with Active Input Power Factor Correction.
A complete spectrum of designs for Inverters, Off-Line UPSs, On-Line UPSs, Battery Chargers, Static Power Conditioners and allied Products & Systems of different Power Ratings & user specifications.
Computer controlled Multi Station Pressure Leakage Detection System for Water Geysers.
Vacuum Leakage Detection System for Water Filters.
Computer controlled AC Contactor Testing System.
Computer controlled Multi Station Calibration & Testing System for Miniature Circuit Breakers.

narnix: the engg. support services

Testing and validating the design ‘in-house’ and in test laboratories for compliance, accuracy and reliability before handing over to customer.
Documentation and Design Release Management.
Assisting OEM’s in design & providing Test benches, calibration benches, Jigs and training to production team on various testing parameters.
Providing Calibration Software for proving better yield in production.
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