“narnix technolabs”: 33 years of acting as “the technology Interface”

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Today, NARNIX TECHNOLABS PVT. LTD. is entering into 34th year of “Interfacing Technology” to this Super Industrial Society…

“narnix” is one of the pioneer “Independent Design Houses” in India engaged in design & technology consultancy since 1981 providing complete Design & Development Support to Electronic Products & Systems Manufacturing and Solution development & Deploying Organizations.

narnix was established in 1981 with sole purpose of acting as an “eternal technology interface” to the Indian corporate, business &industrial sectors by virtue of its system design, selection & integration services for all kind of turnkey electronic systems viz: Power, Industrial, Semicon, Consumer, Telecom, Convergence, Medical and Defense etc.

Today, we re-dedicate ourselves to the cause of Leveraging the latest technological innovations in Science & Technology for sustainable development of the society by virtue of developing Products, Systems & Solutions to make the planet “EARTH” a “smart, green n secure” planet.

Re-emphesizing our focus on “INNOVATION LED DESIGN” – “DESIGN LED MANUFACTURING”: The Indian ESDM (Electronics System Design & Manufacturing) Eco-system Tagline..

Let us “DESIGN in INDIA” & “MAKE in INDIA” for the WORLD… or even the OUTER SPACE..

“design is our religion & we are fanatically religious”