Mission & Vision

Vision Narnix: Green DNA

Leveraging the latest technological innovations in Science & Technology for sustainable development of the society by virtue of developing Products, Systems & Solutions to make the planet “EARTH” a “smart n green” planet.

Narnix: The Mission

  • To be able to INTERFACE the various evolving & upcoming technologies to the different segments/aspects of the business & society, at large.
  • To design the “most versatile” products, systems & solutions in the fields of:
      • Smart Grid
      • Smart Home
      • Smart metering
      • Energy Building
      • Smart Lighting
      • Smart City
      • Energy efficiency
      • Convergence
      • Renewable energies
      • Internet of Things
    • And enable seamless integration & blend of various layers of “convergence networks” from consumer layer to service provider layer and even City-wide & Nation wide infrastructure Layer.
    • Design, develop n deploy products that contribute in INDIA being recognized as a hub for International level design n manufacturing activities.
    • To be able to play a major role in defining Technological Trends in deployment of latest innovations in different aspects of society, business n industry.