mentor’s musings on “World Teachers Day”

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Today, Let’s also congratulate the distinguished Students, who actually brought accolades to the celebrated Teachers or Gurus…

Unless some pupils or students would have risen to get unprecedented recognition in their chosen fields, no one would have even learnt about how good their respective gurus/teachers were…

Not to marginalize the ethos & values of those teachers that grind their students into shining stars; they essentially are not driven by any desire to get famous or make lot of money… They are a breed of passionate, dedicated & committed individuals pursuing a deep learning in their chosen subject areas of interest… They don’t do it for any rewards or recognition… they just do it because they enjoy it & believe in it… in their journey, whichever self-motivated and/or dedicated students/pupils/mentees come in contact with them, get influenced by their passion and immense knowledge. And as a result, start getting honed into a fine person & professional… Such pupils actually motivate their gurus to continue treading the same path with much more vigor and enthusiasm..

In last 25 years of training, guiding & mentoring 200+ fresh electronics engineers at narnix, I have become much better engineer, design engineer, professional and last but not the least, a more mature and compassionate Mentor – all thanks to my Mentees, who with their zeal, inquisitiveness and dedication made me learn more to help them come out as better design engineers… my credibility in the industry and ecosystem has grown, because of how they perform in their future employments and professional career.

So, when do we celebrate the Students Day???

On the second thought, why don’t we call it “The Teachings Day” to celebrate the process, the phenomena that helps the Teachers, as well as, the Students to evolve into better persons & better professionals ???

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