Mentor’s Musings on the World IoT Day…

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Internet of Things is all about “heterogeneous” and “aware” devices interacting to simplify people’s life in some way or the other.

“IoT”, a concept that originally sounded like something out of sci-fi movie — the “Internet of Things” — is, in fact, a reality, and one that is bound to become even more widespread. It is believed that the Internet of Things, or the ability for consumer devices and appliances to communicate with one another via Web access and a complex system of embedded sensors, will “enable a wide range of new applications and services while raising many new challenges”.

Promising to be the most disruptive technology since the World Wide Web, the Internet of Things is predicted to result in up to 100 billion Internet-connected objects by 2020. Relying on embedded computing and sensors, and driven by smartphone and tablet adoption, IoT shall witness an explosion of new uses by consumers and enterprises alike. 

M2M to IoT: M2M essentially was, and, in the industrial parlance is, still application-specific machine-to-machine communication with very definite functionality and expectations, with a controlled mode of communication.

While IoT could be termed as its next avatar, it is going to see a whole set of new avatars in next few years and decades. IoT is about “Connected Intelligence”, a sort of “universal global neural network” in the cloud.

IoT is being termed as one of the MOST DISRUPTIVE TECHNOLOGY.. Disruptive technology, is the bearer of tremendous opportunity and equally, a harbinger of obsolescence. Technology’s impact on society and business is substantial, if not underestimated. Though product cycle times are accelerating, the underlying technologies unfold over many years. Within each trend there are multiple enabling technologies, all at various stages of maturity and adoption.

I would rather call it one of the MOST PROFOUND TECHNOLOGY… why ? because The most profound technologies are those thatdisappear… They weave themselves into the fabric of everyday life until they are indistinguishable from it…  it is going to get embedded into every aspect of our life, and we are going to take it for granted like other most profound technologies like – Electricity, Internet, transportation…

Whatever be your take, whether you are a geek, a nerd, a startup or innovator.. have a great IoT Day..